About our Founder

Zarig Btrand rings
“ZARIG jewelry places a modern twist on my family legacy of high quality jewels, by creating contemporary designs meant for daily wear.” – Zarig Baghdadlian


     Zarig Baghdadlian was inspired to launch her namesake fine jewelry line, ZARIG, by her desire to create exceptional quality fine jewelry that can be worn for all occasions. As a second-generation jeweler, stemming from a family of manufactures of rare colored and colorless diamonds, Baghdadlian saw an opportunity to apply the quality and craftsmanship of the family’s high jewelry pieces to more accessible fine jewelry designs.

     A GIA certified gemologist in her own right, Baghdadlian believes that jewelry shouldn’t just be purchased or worn for special occasions, but should instead be worn as an emblem of confidence and a daily reminder of individual potential. In turn, ZARIG offers jewelry designed to fit effortlessly into the wardrobe of the modern woman. Her dynamic collections can be worn everyday to celebrate, elevate, and refine personal style.
     Prior to founding ZARIG, Baghdadlian received degrees in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College in New York as well as a Masters in Art, Law, and Business through Christie’s in London. She additionally worked as Director of Operations and Lead Design Consultant at her family’s private company, HB Group. At HB Group, she oversaw the day-to-day activities of the business in New York, as well as traveled to cities including Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Geneva to source magnificent stones and to work with leading craftsman to create settings that complemented the caliber of the diamonds.
     While studying Art History in London, Baghdadlian learned of the vast under-representation of female artists in galleries and auction houses worldwide. She decided then to launch a business that not only allowed her to explore her passion for personal artistry, but also empowered her fellow female artists with resources to do the same. With that in mind, Baghdadlian donates a portion of all proceeds from ZARIG to organizations that advocate for female artists and artisans and offer them the chance to flourish in their crafts.
     Zarig Baghdadlian is a proud member of the Women’s Jewelry Association. Having founded ZARIG in 2019, Baghdadlian now applies her refined eye, worldly inspiration, and industry-knowledge to bring her vision to life as the company’s CEO.