Our Story

ZARIG blends intricate artistry with powerful intention to offer an exquisite collection of fine jewelry for the modern woman. Composed of the highest-quality materials expertly sourced from around the world, each ZARIG design is meant to remind us of our personal potential, and instill a bold sense of confidence every time its worn. ZARIG’s founder, second-generation jeweler Zarig Baghdadlian, embraces the ideology that empowered women empower other women. In turn, a portion of proceeds from each ZARIG piece is donated to organizations that support women in the arts, with the intention of granting female artists and artisans, like Baghdadlian, the chance to flourish in their respective crafts.

Our Heritage

Founder Zarig Baghdadlian stems from a family of international jewelers and manufacturers of colored and colorless diamonds. The rare stones in her family’s collection have been celebrated by connoisseurs and collectors alike, and have made record-breaking sales at renowned auction houses around the world. With her namesake fine jewelry line, ZARIG the GIA-certified gemologist and jewelry designer is expanding upon her family legacy to introduce a new level of luxury that is both playful and refined. By leveraging Baghdadlian’s deep relationships and expertise in the jewelry world, ZARIG uniquely offers the quality and craftsmanship of high jewelry in designs created for daily wear.

Our Process

ZARIG is committed to ensuring that its jewelry is created entirely with materials that are ethically and responsibly sourced. All gemstones and metals featured in the ZARIG collections are hand-selectedand sourced from countries that fully utilize the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, which removes conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. Baghdadlian’s longstanding relationships within the jewelry industry allow her access to credible and vetted vendors that mine responsibly. True to Baghdadlian’s mission of empowering female artists, ZARIG works with and supports female artisans and female-owned and operated businesses whenever possible. Have a question about our process? Visit our FAQ or e-mail us directly at info@zarig.com.

Our Founder

Zarig Baghdadlian, proud member of the Women’s Jewelry Association, was inspired to launch her namesake fine jewelry line, ZARIG, by her desire to create exceptional quality fine jewelry that can be worn for all occasions. As a second-generation jeweler, stemming from a family of manufactures of rare colored and colorless diamonds, Baghdadlian saw an opportunity to apply the quality and craftsmanship of the family’s high jewelry pieces to more accessible fine jewelry designs. Read more