ZARIG’s bridal department offers a unique opportunity for you to be involved in the customization of your piece from the very beginning of the process. From selecting a stone from our range of fully conflict-free diamonds to designing and choosing the mounting and finishing, all handcrafted in New York City, we will work together to create the ring of your dreams.

All of our engagement rings come with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, the largest and most-renowned diamond and gemstone grading laboratory in the world. Additionally, all diamonds ZARIG provides have the GIA certificate number inscribed on the girdle of the diamond.

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Our diamonds are all hand-picked by our expertly trained gemologist so that you can find that special diamond that exceeds all of your expectations.


The cut of a diamond determines it’s shape as well as the way light interacts within its facets. The only element of a diamond which is not controlled by nature is the cut, as all diamonds are cut by humans. At ZARIG, we only present our clients diamonds that are exceptionally cut and showcase it’s dazzling scintillation.


Diamond purity is what determines the clarity of a diamond. Diamond purity ranges from FL/IF- flawless/internally flawless; VVS1/VVS2- very very slightly included; VS1/VS2- very slightly included; SI1/SI2- slightly included. At ZARIG, we do not present diamonds lower than SI1 as the clarity will have an effect on the scintillation of the stone.


The diamond color scale ranges from D, which is completely colorless, to Z which, showcases a very strong yellow tint. At ZARIG we only present diamonds to our clients that are from D color to J color. We also specialize in naturally colored diamond engagement rings.


The carat of the diamond is determined by its weight. However, two diamonds with the same carat weight can look smaller or larger next to each other, due to the way the diamond is cut. At ZARIG, our expert diamond cutters and gemologists determine the excellent cut and size of each diamond to bring out its unique beauty. We pride ourselves in presenting a diamond that has optimal size, beauty and sparkle.


“ZARIG jewelry places a modern twist on my family legacy of high quality jewels, by creating modern designs meant for daily wear.”

The four C’s together make up the characteristics of each diamond, but ever wonder how they come to be? Diamonds are created by three factors, high pressure, high temperature, and the availability of the carbon element. Each one carat diamond represents billions and billions of carbon atoms that are all interlocked to form one of the most mesmerizing crystalline structures our planet has ever created. It’s difficult for us to determine how old diamonds are but with advanced technology we know a diamond’s age can range from hundreds of millions of years old to a few billion years! It is the cornerstone of our ethos at ZARIG to present you with a diamond that is exceptionally beautiful and of the highest-quality.


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