All of our pieces are made to order. As a result, we ask you to allow for up to five weeks for the jewelry piece to be made. If you need a piece to be rushed, we would be more than happy to accommodate you to the best of our abilities, however there are no guarantees. Please do not hesitate to reach out to info@zarig.com

All sales are final. Every piece is made especially for you, therefore we do not accept any returns/exchanges.

If you have any questions, please contact client services at +1(212)-888-6644, or email us at info@zarig.com.

We highly recommend purchasing a inexpensive ring sizer online, or take a piece of string and wrap it around your finger. Mark the area where the two ends meet, after which you may measure the marked string on a ruler. Be sure to take into your knuckle as well as your finger size. *** Please note these are all approximate.

1.74 inches is equal to size 3

1.79 inches is equal to size 3.5

1.83 inches is equal to size 4

1.89 inches is equal to size 4.5

1.94 inches is equal to size 5

1.99 inches is equal to size 5.5

2.04 inches is equal to size 6

2.09 inches is equal to size 6.5

2.14 inches is equal to size 7

2.19 inches is equal to size 7.5

2.24 inches is equal to size 8

2.29 inches is equal to size 8.5

2.34 inches is equal to size 9

Yes. Custom by Z. is a specialized service we provide for our clients. To request a custom piece, and/or receive a quote, email info@zarig.com with a description of what you would like to create and your preferred method of contact. We will then be in touch to schedule a consultation. Please note, we use the same quality of diamonds in our custom pieces as we do in all ZARIG jewelry.

Yes, we create custom engagement rings and wedding bands upon request. All rings come with an up-to-date GIA diamond certificate. We also create custom wedding bands at any shape and size upon request. Engraving services are additionally available for all wedding and bridal jewelry. Please contact us at info@zarig.com and feel free to visit our bridal page for additional information on the Four C’s!

Yes. Once your order is placed, please email us with your order number, name, product description, and the message that you’d like to include. This is a complimentary service we provide for our clients. Please note that custom messages must be submitted to info@zarig.com within three days of your order being placed. All insert cards are printed in USA on recycled paper.

Of course. You can call us anytime during normal business hours of (10am-6pm EST), Monday through Thursday, (10am-3pm EST) on Fridays. You can also email us at info@zarig.com with specific questions and we will be sure to respond to you within 48 hours.

Yes. Our showroom is located at 589 5th Avenue, New York, NY. You must make an appointment  prior to your arrival to ensure we have your piece ready for you. We would also be so happy to meet you.

Yes we do! Please follow us on Instagram to stay updated on upcoming events.

Yes we do. Since our parent company specializes in purchasing rough diamonds for the past thirty years, we have trusted relationships with the mines as well as the specialized diamond cutters in New York and Antwerp. If you are interested in learning more about the types of diamonds we have sourced, cut and sold, please contact info@zarig.com. We value discretion above all else and do not publicize such highly sensitive information.