Custom by Z.


“The greatest pleasure for me as a jewelry designer is to be a part of your creative journey.” – Zarig B.

Before finding her namesake jewelry brand, Zarig Baghdadlian has been designing custom jewels for her friends and clients for years. “Clients come to us with either an idea, or a specific gemstone they purchased on a trip, or with an antique piece they want to recreate for their daughter. We are here to nourish that creative energy into a unique piece of jewelry to be cherished and passed down for generations.”

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The Aquamarine Custom Ring

“Our client purchased this rare aquamarine from her trip to Sri Lanka, with a vision of creating a unique cocktail ring she can one day pass down to her granddaughter along with her stories of exciting travel and adventure.

First thing I wanted to do was to incorporate blush pink sapphires to create contrast against the sky-blue aquamarine. Then we added four blue topaz gemstones as well as a row of diamonds to emphasize the remarkable aquamarine sparkle. It gives me great pleasure to create special heirlooms for my friends and clients.” –Zarig B.